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Next Gen,
Briana King

The Next Gen is a mini docu-series that explores the life and the many disciplines of the next creative class. In our 5th instalment we highlight Briana King. Briana is a skateboarder and community organizer who’s mission is to empower women and queer individuals to find their community through the act of skateboarding.

We wanted to stay away from cliché skate motifs but instead lean into Briana’s true sense of personality and femininity. We were able to create a visual style that allows a wider audience to see themselves in Briana and the work.


Zoë Farrell, Writer
Will Nielsen, Producer/Photographer
Christina Lu, Senior Motion Designer
Sarah Harvey, Senior Video Editor
Rebecca Rumble, Creative Director
Wayn O'Hara Reid, Film Colorist
Mimi Quiquine, Make-Up Artist
Bianca Carosio, Photo Retouching
Anthony Prince Leslie, Director of Photgraphy
Konyin Ayuba, Director & Senior Designer