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Next Gen,
Ana Hito

The Next Gen is a mini docu-series that explores the life and the many disciplines of the next creative class. In our 6th instalment we highlight Ana Hito, the Founder of “It’s A Dinner” — a field-to-table limited dinner series highlighting seasonal produce, small farms and businesses that celebrate their communities.

With her family’s farm as our backdrop, we’re able to tell a story that’s filled with passion and joy, bringing to life Ana’s approachable confidnece and love for connecting people over the appreciation of good food.


Zoë Farrell, Writer
Will Nielsen, Producer/Photographer
Christina Lu, Senior Motion Designer
Sarah Harvey, Senior Video Editor
Rebecca Rumble, Creative Director
Wayn O'Hara Reid, Film Colorist
Derek Kalisher, Photo Retouching
MJ Lat, Director of Photgraphy
Konyin Ayuba, Director & Senior Designer