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Khaki Is Not Leather

Everyone is spending way more time at home. Dating is essentially suspended. People are stressed and starved of intimacy. We turn to our phones, our laptops, and try to find someone. Anyone to make us feel good. Feel seen.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it gets weird. This search for connection is where we find our stories. “Khaki is Not Leather” hopes to bring a new perspective as it explores the ways in which we perform nearness and the ways we live it.

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No Budge
New York Vulture
Los Angeles Independent Film Fest
Harlem International Film Festival
American Black Film Festival
Mammoth Lakes Film Festival


Director, Ray Smiling
Writer, Konyin Ayuba
Writer, Ray Smiling
Producer, Chris Dodds
Casting Director, Allison Twardziak
Cinematographer, Gaul Porat
Production Designer, Miwa Sakulrat
Stylist, Sarah Daniella
Editor, Joe Morris
Original Music, Matt Warner
Colorist, Joseph Bicknell
Sound Mix & Design, Jose Villaman
Motion Design, Xtine Tinoso
Character Design, Liniya Lanvin
Graphic Design, Konyin Ayuba
A Made By Limbo Production