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1Park9 Branding

1Park9 is a new content and event production company based in NYC. Rather than wanting to take a tradtional boring production route to this new brand tone, 1P9 wanted to lean into a more youthful and playful tone, establishing themselves as a place where play, beautiful chaos, imagination and reality all live in one space. This brand tone is an introduction for their clents to their playground filled with an expansive network of collaborators and thought partners.

The full Brand Design includes logo, typeface, color palette, brand guidelines, brand expression, full web deisgn and website development.


Tahira White, Founder & President
Whitney Headen, Founder & CEO
Kelly Yamamot, Project Manager
Sokhna Samb, Production Assistant
DeVante London, Executive Assistant
Rachael Hardy, Creative Director 
Taf Chiriga, Motion Designer
DubMe, Website Development
Konyin Ayuba, Web Designer
Konyin Ayuba, Brand Design Lead